3 Major Applications of Data Centers in Healthcare Industry

In today’s high-speed technical world, every industry whether its entertainment of hospitality is in a race to be compliant with the latest technical buzz in the market. Be it creating apps or acquiring the latest technology, every player has to be par with the industry standards.

The healthcare industry is one such industry that stands out because of its digital acceptance attitude. From reviewing specialist to scheduling an appointment to accessing a person’s health records, all can be and is being done online. Here are 3 simple, but major applications of data center services in the healthcare industry.

1. Booking or registering appointments online. Today this can be done either through mobile applications or website links.

2. Accessing medical specialist/professionals profile has never been this easy. Not only does this give the credibility and expertise of that particular specialist, but also the assurance of legitimacy to the concerned person who is searching for information.

3. Finishing off formalities like registrations have been made extremely easy and can be done anytime from anywhere. Also, personal data that people are hesitant to say it loud can be communicated with more privacy.

Though mentioned only three, there are many other benefits that healthcare industry can benefit from data center technology. In realization of this scope, the growth of data centers in India is a trend that is picking up. Companies like NxtraData, Net magic, Sify, and Reliance have already set your high-tech data cloud hosting in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, among various other cities. But cloud computing not only benefits customers, but also employees in maintain employee records such as personal data, login credentials, attendance, and so forth.

Though there are challenges in integrating cloud solutions in healthcare, there are tremendous efforts that are going in the making of a more comprehensive and holistic healthcare infrastructure.


The Significance of Data Centers and the Indian Scenario

Today, data center services have become imperative for a successful website. No matter how good your website looks and functions, or no matter how skillful your web design and development team maybe, unless they don’t have the right support of an efficient data center company, they are most likely to fail in becoming a well-recognized website.

Companies avail data center services primarily in two ways: one by setting up their own data centers, and the other, by renting out space from a third party (colocation hosting). The former involves a lot of resources to build and operate, while the latter requires less resources, and hence most companies, especially small companies choose to opt for the second one.


When it comes to data center service providers, India with some of the best data centers in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other cities, is catching up with the global trend.Some of the top data center service providers today in India include, Netmagic Solutions, CtrlS datacenter, NxtraData, and Sify. What’s interesting is that a lot of nationally recognized e-commerce websites have shifted their data center operations to India as the service providers here have expertise in tackling latency issues.

Data centers are designed to give websites the secure server space that they require. In a way, what kitchens are to a restaurant, data centers are to a website; that’s how important data centers are? Most of the things in every business segment whether it’s energy, internet, telecommunication, healthcare, entertainment, banking, or any other human activity, all are controlled by data centers.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting and Data Center Colocation

Advantages of Cloud Hosting and Data Center Colocation

Both cloud hosting and colocation have become the buzzword of today’s information heavy businesses, and have become a vital component of IT infrastructure strategy. Here is a list of advantages to why cloud and colocation have become a prime component for businesses.


Cloud hosting services allows businesses/clients to store their data on servers and retrieve them whenever they need to. Unlike traditional hosting options, cloud provides the option to store data on various servers, not on just one server. The benefits of cloud hosting are:

1. Choice of Operating system – You can choose which OS you require for your business
2. Higher Security – Since data is store on more than one server, the risk of failure due to technical problems in one server will not damage the business.
3. Greater Flexibility–The server is controlled by an API or a web based interface.

Cloud provides a lot of benefits to businesses, small and big. It reduces cost and improves efficiency. Some of the well-known cloud hosting providers in India is Blue host, Hosting Raja, iPage, A2 hosting and Big Rock, to name a few.



Colocation is the new trend in the data center market. Unlike traditional storage, where businesses had to build their data centers, colocation enables businesses to rent out storage space from a provider. Colocation provides the building, the security, power, bandwidth and other necessities for storing data. The benefits of colocation are:

1. Reduced Cost–Renting space is more cost effective to businesses. Furthermore, the managed service colo offers reduces management cost as well.
2. Uninterrupted Power Supply–Unlike private data centers, colocation have multiple power backups that ensures continuous power supply.
3. Affordable Bandwidth–As requirements for bandwidth grows more, you get the benefit of economy since colo is able to provide better pricing than other means.

Colocation is great not just for small businesses but also for enterprises and multinational corporations as a strategy to reduce cost while increasing efficiency.

Cloud Hosting Offers a Practical Solution for Your Data and Resources

Cloud hosting is a computing technology that enables storage of data and resources on multiple servers. Unlike traditional storage solutions, cloud enables you to store your data, files and resources on various different servers rather than concentrating all in one server.

This means all the data of your internet site or application is distributed among multiple servers that operate as a single unit. The benefit of cloud is that since your data is distributed across multiple servers, the risk of system failures are eliminated and your resources and files are much safer as compared to traditional storage methods where you slow down or even lose your data once one system fails.


India is witnessing a tremendous growth in all spheres of business. As a hotspot for investors globally the need and demand for better data solutions are on the high rise. There are many could hosting providers as of now in the country. One such company is Nxtradata, which has strong presence in all major business centers in India. Nxtradata has a dedicated server hosting in Mumbai that provides public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. These various cloud solutions provides the benefit of share facility and also provides redundant data storage. With their innovative solutions Nxtradata has over the time catered to some of the biggest clients in the industry.

Other mention able providers include Digital Ocean, Miles Web and 3 Clouds Hosting, among many other excellent service providers.

The biggest advantage of cloud solution is that it provides high flexibility, sociability and performance. But in order to manage the system, cloud needs expertise, which may add more cost to your business.

Before you opt for cloud hosting, weigh its pros and cons in respect with your online needs, budget and business goals.

Choosing the Right data center in India for Your Business

In today’s time it becomes difficult for any organization to manage such a huge data in house, and the cost of managing that data would also escalate to considerable amount. The data abundant companies realize to place their data in the secure and dedicated areas which can improve the efficiency of performing the task mitigate the management costs. There fore need is to find the Colocation service providers that are capable of offering below mentioned services.

slide2• The topmost priority must be to find a provider that offers certain additional services along with basic sin this varied market conditions.
• Location is an apparent consideration, having the colocation service provider in close proximity lessens data-replication and network latency issues.
• A provider with dependable and superfluous connections reasonably must. By selecting a provider that even owns a connection is an additional advantage. Assertive data center in India are meeting this status.
• Although data centers are conscious of physical and network security, but still it must be checked.

• Do get through and pay attention to the service-level agreement (SLA), and make certain that it fulfills the requirements of the company in terms of support and infrastructure.
• SLA must include the 100% up time for Backup and Power.

managed-servicesWith the above conditions in perception while searching the colocation service provider, you may get the following benefits.

• Bandwidth costs drop significantly.
• Data centers have the capacity to trim improved deals on bandwidth and internet access.
• Network connection with managed service providers is generally superfluous.
• Providers may have their own backup generators, so it leads to uninterruptible power.

The Importance of Adopting an Effective Cloud Strategy In The Future

The development of cloud services has created a situation which will drive the competition on the basis of key features and pricing strategies of vendors. It, therefore, has become imperative to have an affordable cloud packed with features and diversified functionalities. This will immensely help in preventing migrations from self-platforms to other ones. The cheerful part about it is the fact thatone can seize an opportunity to migrate clients from other benefactors to self.


The managed service provider’s in India are now moving towards the provision of proficient cloud services with an intention of maximizing profitability and taking the fruit from the tree while it is available in abundance. It would be fair to state that Chennai as a city has come a long way forward in establishing a sizeable IT industry footprint in the past few decades.


This has caused a major upsurge in the demand for cloud computing service providers in Chennai who are doing everything they can to match the soaring demand with supply to gain profitability. Industry experts are of the opinion thatthe big fishes in the cloud servicing sector can’t manage to serve all unique requests, accommodating all the requirements of their clients in the process. This provides a lucrative avenue for the smaller regional players to take advantage through forming meaningful alliances with well-placed clients to cause a surge in the cloud adoption numbers.

Security Is the Prima Facie for Your Data Resources

Security is something which is very crucial to any paradigm of business be it within your own boundaries or something which is at the data center. Although, digital security is paramount to keeping every data safe and secure with utmost privacy and meeting those compliance standards, the physical security is of equal importance.cloud-hosting-provider-in-indiaPhysical theft which causes breaching of data due to stolen equipment is something which is of concern and needs to be taken care of with most efficient security measures. These measures call for certain security layers or boundaries which are environmental design, access controls, intrusion detection and personnel identification.

For the data center these are brought from outside in as well, which start at perimeter security, facility controls, white space access and finally cabinet access. A data center in India is fenced from all sides and is designed to withstand the physical wear, complete with reinforced walls and bulletproof glass. Well checked fire doors with only exit doors along with hardwired alarms are installed.data-center-in-indiaThe entire interior and exterior of the center is under surveillance from CCTV security cameras which are monitored at all-time which is to say 24/7. Entry to various parts and regions of the data center are also well controlled, along with providing only limited number of employees’ access to the data center floor.

These along with much more security standards and measures colocation hosting, proves to be the best solution when one things of extending their business and it important data across various locations.


Server hosting mechanism is something in which client rent space for your data, a type of internet hosting, where you can lease some specific space or an entire server. Taking an entire server for your company or business is typically called as Dedicated Server while using only a part of a server or a unit of the server is known as a Shared Server.
Cloud service providers in India under dedicated server give facilities which are more flexible in terms of operating system, hardware, dynamic working, etc along with full control to the client. With the complete server dedicated to one specific client, there is assurance of security, access, resources and horsepower needed for your business.

When the client is accompanied by experts to handle your server hosting and various operations it is known as managed dedicated server hosting

colocation-services-2Monitoring your server, 24×7 assistance, dealing with faults or failures if any, these experts are available managing client’s servers efficiently so that you can focus on you core business dealings fluently.

Web sites requiring high performance, security, no traffic, easy uploading, the lot of data and dynamic mechanism are certain areas which essentially require dedicated server hosting. Shopping websites, mobile applications, health care industry are some areas which ease their working using dedicated servers.

Competitors as Partners- Cloud Service India

Everyone wants a piece of the fast-growing Indian cloud sector. With big global names in the field of data centre coming to India, many are seeing the end of Indian indigenous companies. But is this true?

These companies have in the past completely destroyed and gained the major market share in many developing countries. With deep pockets and known service quality, they always come with an upper hand. However, in India, the entry of global players is on a slightly different trajectory.difference-between-cloud-iot
In India, instead of putting their own data centres, these MNCs are leasing data centres from Indian cloud providing companies. They are just putting their own servers in these data centres. In many cases, even the operations and day to day maintenance is being taken care by their Indian partners. This allows them to offer their own cloud hosting service in India without even owning a data centre.managed-services-provider
The MNCs are following this strategy on account of the steep cost of putting its own data centre as well as managing the cooling, power backup systems, that is an essential requirement for running such data centres. The time it takes to create the infrastructure and all the services required to run it is humongous in India, especially with the time it takes to get all the permissions from government agencies. Thus, MNCs to cut time and enter the growing Indian market quickly came up with this novel strategy.managed-services
This is a win situation for Indian cloud hosting companies as their competitors, in the long run, have become their partners in the short run. However, Indian companies need not be complacent as they have to keep building on their services and technologies for the eventuality when these MNCs become their actual competitors.

Nxtra offers the finest colocation service and managed service in Chennai.

To give your business, an extra edge gets associated with Nxtra. Quality managed service in Chennai and colocation service is no longer a dream.

Rise in Usage of Colocation Services and Data Centers

With rising growth of e-commerce and internet based businesses in India, the country is observing  a growth rate of around 25-30% for third party and/or colocation data centers. Data centers are the backbone of the explosion of the digital information one is seeing in the current state all over the nation. People want everything instantly in the digital world and colocation hosting services help in doing so in many ways.slide2
Adopting open standards approach may improve the efficiency as it goes beyond evaluating equipment based on compatibility; flexibility; agility which can make future expansion a lot easier. Using colocation hosting services may eventually support the future of the user’s future of his/her company as well as IT space also. When one is talking about colocation hosting services, one really wants is to handle the operation management through third party.

Data Centers in India are in a big demand because of many organization globally are targeting India for future expansions. The idea behind setting up a data center is basically to increase productivity; cost effectiveness. The basic idea for setting up a data center is to allow the auditors to analyses the data and come up with insightful audit findings which will help the government in taking better policy decisions.data-center-in-india
One of the key reasons for making the fundamental transformation in the country’s data center architecture is essentially driven by:

Cloud Computing

The adoption of new management and engagement models, including colocation services are acting as a catalyst for driving the growth of data centers in India.